To complement our boarding services we also provide sales preparation for mares, foals and yearlings throughout the year. In order to produce a well balanced horse for the sales with a willing attitude to work, we produce tailor made feed and exercise programmes to meet individual requirements. We work alongside a number of large sales consignors to ensure each horse is allocated to the correct consignor and sale depending on the individual.


Our sales preparation facilities include:

  • American barn with internal monarch stables
  • Group and individual turnout depending on the individual
  • Monarch 5 horse walker
  • Lunge area/arena for lunging/long reining
  • 40 acres of grazing for hand walking
  • Incline horse treadmill

We use our own horse box allowing us to keep travel costs to a minimum.


Our stud manager Natalie is a qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, trained by Mary Bromiley. All yearlings are given regular sessions as part of their individual plans to ensure they perform to their full potential.

The benefits of massage and stretching include:

  • Improved circulation
  • Enhanced muscles tone
  • Injury prevention
  • Relaxed muscle spasms
  • Increased flexibility and range of movement
  • Increased well-being due to relaxation in areas of tension and in return aids mental relaxation

Veterinary Support

Jacek Bobkiewicz from Woodlands Veterinary Services is on call 24 hours a day and undertakes all relevant sales work such as X-raying, scoping and wind testing.


Our farriers visit the stud on a bi-weekly basis. Foals are trimmed regularly from birth and any corrective work is undertaken when necessary. The yearlings have regular monthly trims and at least two sets of shoes before the sales.

General Routine

We require sales horses to be onsite between 8-12 weeks before the sale depending on the individual.

  • Sales horses are stabled over night
  • 7am morning feed
  • Complete their exercise
  • All horses get daily turnout
  • Afternoon – showing practice & grooming
  • 4pm afternoon feed
  • Evening stables – extra evening feed if required

All horses have a minimum of one massage per week and Sundays off.

Feed and Forage Analysis

Pasture, forage and hard feed analysis is undertaken throughout the year to ensure all stock are individually provided with the optimum nutritional requirements depending on their needs.

Sales Preparation Fees

We offer clients tailored packages to suit their requirements.

For a personalised quote please contact our Stud Manager, Natalie Folland on or 07794 340 437.